How Corona Virus is changing Influencer Marketing 

Corona Virus is all over the web, and before you say: not again! I just need to make sure you understand that part of my personal “healing” process is to acknowledge the issues and write about it. So what’s better than doing it in the form of a blog? As you know, the pandemic outbreak is affecting every layer of our society. Influencer Marketing, wouldn’t be different. Today I will share with you, information, personal struggles and tips about how Corona Virus is changing Influencer Marketing.

The landscape

Let’s be real, everyone is already feeling the economical effects of Corona Virus. It’s a vicious cycle: when people don’t buy, businesses can’t thrive, unemployment starts to grow, resulting in fewer people buying.

With all the big cuts, businesses are shortening or even freezing marketing budgets especially Marketing, but how is Corona Virus changing Influencer Marketing?

According to a report made by Izea, a company that connects marketers with influencers, despite increased social-media usage, the prices paid per post on all social media may fall dramatically in the short term and continue to drop, depending on the length of the coronavirus outbreak and its overall impact.

People are more likely to be online but less likely to buy dispensable items.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel!


If managed well, Influencer marketing can prove to be extremely powerful in times of crisis. 

How? As influencers, we have the power to create persuasive content to help brands in their digital efforts to hold onto customer trust, loyalty and purchase, especially during times where purchasing habits and needs are constantly changing. 

Influencers offer brands a way to assure consumers they can continue to have access to products they rely on while staying safe.

My personal struggles

So what is stopping us? Or what is stopping me? Well I guess I’ve been trying to understand  how my content and niche fits into this new landscape. Do I want to talk about things that no longer play a big part in my life? Should I ignore the world’s scenario and just post what I used to post? Wouldn’t that be the opposite of being a real influencer? But what bout “staying on brand” ? ALL these questions have been popping in my head during this past few days. I guess it has been in every  good digital influencer‘s mind.

This is just the perfect time to connect with yourself, your values and what is actually important for you as a person. Your content can finally translate who you are with no filters! The overused  word “authenticity” will finally break free from marketing strategies and campaigns to actually become something real.

I wrote a list of realistic things I will do during this self-isolation time, some of them will be also translated into content, others will be just for personal growth, either way I thought I’d share with you and maybe you can get inspired too! 

Learn new things

How to grow my own food

I recently moved to a house where there is a small garden that needs a lot of love and care. I’ve always wanted to learn how to grow food and this is just the perfect time. I will share how I’m developing and hopefully, you guys can give me some tips too? I’m thinking – How to grow potatoes, How to grow tomatoes and How to grow garlic and onions. Are you with me? Learn How to sew my own clothes

Well, I have been buying to learn at least how to repurpose my clothes, because, during these hard times, buying will not be an option. There is also a way of making that old shirt look cooler or even mending ripped clothes (which is pretty much my case as I’m the master or ruining my skirts on my bike). Either way, my goal is to learn basics and make the most of what I have here. Two birds, one stone: sustainable and economic!

Make a zero waste recipe a week

I should be eating 0 waste in every meal, but the struggle is real and nobody is perfect as we all know. My personal goal is to jump into the Pinterest world and discover new 0 waste recipes every week. Will I manage? Let’s hope!

Finally, jump into TikTok content creation

Well, I should be in this platform ages ago. We all know TikTok is the trendiest platform right now, but this just one of those things you keep postponing because of lack of time. My friend Nicole Davies (check her website here), has been talking about TikTok for ages and she was right! This is the platform responding more positively on How Corona Virus is changing Influencer Marketing. TikTok is “a thing” and in fact according to Sensor Tower TikTok’s growth trend amidst the global coronavirus crisis over the last week becomes a lot clearer when you look at the number of downloads estimated for Italy. 

TikTok was downloaded 237,000 times last week, which represented a 35% increase compared to the prior week.

No more excuses, let’s make the most out of our free time and explore this platform. Always remember to keep it relevant to your content.

Make at least one Live with another fellow influencer per week

Influencers, non-influencers, actors, musicians, you name it – it’s like we all have just noticed that Instagram lives exists. During the first week of our collective self-isolation, Instagram Live became a nice way to feel connected with people.

My idea is to have a relevant and interesting conversation about different topics every week with another influencer. 

You should expect to see lives about sustainable fashion, faith, food, influencer marketing, social media, relationships, music and travels. 

Feel free to let me know if you’d like to be part of one!

Go back to scrapbooking

I used to love my crafts, painting, drawing, writing and making cute little scrapbooks full of life goals, quotes and dreams. Like a physical Pinterest board.

I’m really excited to get my artistic creative self again!

Introduce more music to my content

Something else that used to be part of my daily life, in fact, my Youtube channel is full of videos of myself singing with my sister. Last week I introduced it on my Instagram stories, the audience picked the songs and I’d sing it.

Hopefully, my voice will still reach every tone, why do we tend to get so rusty?

When this is all over

Finally, this will be over at some point, and we all need to be ready for the new world that is going to be out there. A smart response to new behaviours and mindsets will dictate our professional success after COVID-19 insolation period. 

Take time to research, and plan your next steps. Make sure you are prepared and ready for the changes!