3 reasons to repeat your outfit

Let's talk about the waste of money and resources through the fashion industry.

I will be completely honest with you, I am not the type of person that is super environmentally friendly. For instance, I don’t think I will start being vegan anytime soon or I might not plant a tree every weekend, however, I do care A LOT for Humanity. Human beings are the most incredible creatures, and I do want the world to be a better place for the next generations.I believe that small gestures might not change “the world” but can change “my world”. I used to rely my happiness upon a day of shopping #fastfashion! I was highjacking myself believing that new stuff would actually bring me some kind of fulfillment. It did feel good for maybe 1 hour, but then it was just a piece of fabric! It couldn’t make me happy for much longer right? That T-shirt bought specifically for one single occasion, would just be forgotten in my wardrobe, and later on, I would buy another one just because I didn’t want to repeat my outfit. Things won’t bring you happiness, people don’t actually notice if you are repeating #outfits, and if they do: Why should you care? After launching my own capsule collection, I learned that there is a price for everything, and people deserve dignity. That was when I realised I would like to know who was making my clothes: Are they sleeping in a proper bed, having food on their tables, are they happy? You can’t know that if you buy stuff at Topshop, can you? Finally, I found out that the annual footprint of a household’s newly bought clothing, along with the washing and cleaning of its clothes, is estimated to be equivalent to:

1- carbon emissions from driving an average modern car for 6,000 miles

2- water needed to fill over 1,000 bathtubs

3-weight of over 100 pairs of jeans

So yeah, I’ve got plenty of reasons to use this dress on the next events 😂