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Bristol & Bath Sustainable Fashion


This is a platform to help your ethical and/or independent business reach a stronger and more creative digital presence. Here you will find services from photography, branding and content creation to social media management and influencer marketing. Take a look at the blog posts too, they are meant to be inspirational and helpful!

Influencer marketing

Nothing is black and white when it comes to sustainability. This is a candid platform to help you evolve and grow your views of sustainable fashion.

Digital marketing service

 With over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing my journey has shaped me to help independent businesses find their digital voice.


This is the place you’ll find blogs about anything and everything. I hope you love life, because this is where I share with you how enthusiastic I am about it!

Want to know about the best places in Bristol & Bath? What about learning more about Sustainable Fashion? This is the place where I share with you how enthusiastic I am about life!

These are some of the brands I trust and that I’ve worked with. If you want to know more just send me a message and I’ll be right with you

“We are relatively new handmade shoe brand and we worked with Rafaella on an influencer campaign. She is such a talented content creator. She created an amazing stop motion animation unboxing video for us that we are already using in our advertising campaigns. Also, the looks created using the shoes were on point with our brand. I look forward to working with Rafaella on future campaigns.”

Zeba Parker

CEO, Mochiis Footwear

I have worked with Rafaella on influencer several campaigns and have found her very friendly and always enthusiastic about the campaign she is working on. Her eye for photography has provided us with some beautiful imagery and you can tell that she is very passionate about her work!


Faith Toynbee

Digital Marketing, The Roman Baths

If you have a chance to work or collaborate with Rafaella – do it! She is a great content creator, wonderful photographer and an amazing person. She does her work with a full heart and always goes an extra mile. It was a pure pleasure to collaborate with Rafaella.”


Marketing Manager, Hilton Garden Inn Bristol

 “We had a chance to work with Rafaella on one of our campaigns. It is so rare nowadays to find such a warm and honest person. It also proved that she is a very good photographer, a very talented content creator and influencer. It adds a lot to Rafaella’s work that she is honest and works with quality products that care about the environment, and are friendly.

Natalie Pajanok

Founder, Zylé Apparel